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Dignita AM 7000

Dignita AM 7000

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142 £
Product advantages
• Solid and reliable, features an internal calibration timer
• User-friendly and produces reliable results.
• Fast response time
• Convenient format, fits in your pocket
• Remembers the last 10 measurements
• Alcohol-specific electronic fuel cell with long life cycle
• Certified in accordance with European standard EN-16280:2012
• Tested as solid and reliable in MHF's 2014 consumer test

Reliable road safety in a convenient format

The Dignita AM 7000 is a premium breathalyser for those requiring maximum accuracy. It also features an internal calibration timer that indicates when calibration is due.

Combining alcohol and driving can have devastating consequences - even the day after. The solution is a practical breathalyser that fits in your pocket.

The Dignita AM 7000 produces a result that you can truly rely on. All Dignita breathalysers feature reliable fuel cell technology which is used by both businesses and individuals.


The breathalyser has been certified in accordance with European standard EN 16280 by the MHF test lab

Mer information
Storlek 108x47x17 mm
Display Digital display with 4 characters
Measurement type Electrochemical fuel cell
Measurement range 0.00‰-5.00‰
Measurement logg 10 last readings
Margin of error +/-0.05‰ at 0.50‰
Manufacturer Dignita