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Alcohol interlocks for conditional use

How long do I have to drive with an alcolock?

The conditional period, i.e. the time during which you have a driving licence with a conditional alcolock, is one or two years. This time is calculated from the time when the decision was made to issue a driving licence with a conditional alcolock. It is not possible to credit the time during which the driving licence was impounded/revoked. The longer conditional period applies for a person who has been convicted of extreme drunken driving, who has a repeat conviction for drunken driving within the last five years or who has been diagnosed with abuse or dependence.

What does it cost me to take part?

Approximately SEK 20,000-40,000, depending on the length of the conditional period. The Swedish Transport Agency does not make a charge. You are, however, responsible for costs in connection with the alcolock: the purchase or hire of the alcolock, servicing the alcolock and mandatory medical checks. You must also apply for a new learner's permit in order to regain a standard driving licence after the end of the conditional period. Please note that these are approximate calculations! Prices may vary between different county councils and surgeries.

What happens if I don't choose an alcolock?

Your driving licence will then be revoked for at least one or two years. During period of this ban you are not entitled to drive a car. If you are banned for more than one year, you will also have to retake your driving test (theory test and driving test) in order to regain your driving licence. You must also apply for a new learner's permit and undergo risk training – this involves additional costs.

Which doctor can I appoint?

The doctor's certificate must be issued by a doctor with specialist competence in psychiatry or another specialist doctor with good knowledge and experience of issues relating to abuse. You can, for example, contact the healthcare information service or your nearest healthcare centre to find out if there is such a doctor near to you.

When do I start providing samples during the conditional period?

You must produce a doctor's certificate during the conditional period. Within seven months (with an observation period of six months) for a one-year conditional period, and within thirteen months (with an observation period of twelve months) for a two-year conditional period. It is therefore important to start providing samples on time. Please note that the doctor's certificate may not be more than two months old when it is submitted.

If you have a two-year conditional period, you will in most cases need to continue to prove sobriety even after the first doctor's certificate has been submitted.

Which alcolock may I use?

You may only use alcolocks approved by the Swedish Transport Agency. It is also a requirement that the alcolock is programmed correctly and issued to you personally.

Please note that there may be several kinds of alcolocks from the same supplier, and that not all of them may be approved for use following a conviction for drunken driving. You can find out more here about approved suppliers and alcolocks.

Who installs and services the alcolock?

You must have the alcolock installed and serviced at a service location designated by one of the suppliers whose alcolock has been approved by the Swedish Transport Agency. The supplier must also be connected to the Swedish Transport Agency's technical system so that it is possible to transfer data from the alcolock.

How often do I have to go to a service location and have the lock checked/emptied?
You must have the alcolock checked and serviced at least every six months. It must also be serviced on other occasions apart from every six months if you fail to observe the prescribed requirements for the use of the alcolock and, for example, attempt to start the vehicle despite having consumed alcohol. In connection with every service, data from the alcolock is transferred to the Swedish Transport Agency. If data is not transferred when required, the conditional licence with the alcolock may be revoked.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the alcolock works?

The supplier must check and perform preventive maintenance of the alcolock every six months (at the same time as the data log is emptied). The check is performed at a service location that you are obliged to contact. If an alcolock fails, the supplier is obliged to rectify the problem as soon as possible. You undertake to follow the supplier's instructions for the care of the alcolock.

If you have driving licence with a conditional alcolock, you are also responsible for caring for the alcolock in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated.

Can I decline the driving licence with a conditional alcolock?

Yes. If you wish to decline the driving licence with a conditional alcolock, you must notify the Swedish Transport Agency of this in writing, and they will then cancel this condition. Your driving licence will be revoked instead. The new revocation period corresponds to the conditional period remaining when the conditional licence was revoked, i.e. it is not possible to credit the time during which the driving licence was impounded/revoked.

When can I start to drive?

You can start to drive according to the Swedish Transport Agency's decision when the alcolock has been installed and your new driving licence has been issued. After the end of the conditional period, you must have been granted a learner's permit and the basic document must have been received by the Swedish Transport Agency and approved before your driving licence can be issued.

Can I drive outside Sweden with an alcolock?

No. The driving licence with a conditional alcolock is only valid in Sweden.

Can I have an alcolock if I have a foreign driving licence?

If you have an EES driving licence and are permanently resident in Sweden, you can apply for a driving licence with the alcolock condition. If your application is accepted, your EES driving licence will be replaced with a Swedish one when the driving licence with a conditional alcolock is issued. At the end of the conditional period, the licence holder may apply for a learner's permit for a new Swedish driving licence.

May I be a "private instructor"?

No. A person who has had a driving licence with a conditional alcolock in the last three years may not be approved as a private instructor.

Which vehicles can I drive?

The alcolock is personal. You may thus only drive the vehicle in which your alcolock is installed. A driving licence with a conditional alcolock is available for all kinds of driving licences, including A and AM. This does not, however, apply for vehicle driving licences or tractor permits. It is permitted to have alcolocks in several vehicles simultaneously. A person who has a vehicle driving licence for a class II moped, a snow scooter or an all-terrain vehicle that has not been revoked may drive such a vehicle without an alcolock in Sweden. It may also be permitted to drive in other countries – contact the embassy for further information.

What happens if I change my car during this period?

The alcolock may be transferred to another vehicle. Please note that the lock must be approved for the new vehicle and that the transfer may only be performed by a workshop approved by the supplier.

What happens if I try to start the vehicle with alcohol in my body?

If there are repeated failed breath tests or failed regular breath tests, the alcolock will need to be serviced. The same applies if a breath test is not provided during a journey. When the device is serviced, data from the alcolock's log is sent to us, and we then become aware that you have tried to drive the vehicle with alcohol in your exhaled air. If you fail to have the device serviced within the prescribed time, the vehicle cannot be started, but will have to be towed to an alcolock workshop in order to reset the alcolock's blocking mechanism. Failed breath tests may have consequences, both for the continuation of the driving licence with conditional alcolock and for getting your driving licence back after the conditional period.

I've heard that an alcolock can react to mouthwash and substances other than alcohol. Is that true?

Yes, it is possible. It is therefore important to follow the alcolock supplier's instructions on how to use the alcolock. This is very important to bear in mind, as the person registered for the alcolock is responsible for all breath tests registered in the alcolock's memory, and this can affect any future entitlement to hold a driving licence.

What happens if someone else drives the vehicle?

The alcolock is personal to you. This means that you are also personally responsible for all breath tests, regardless of who blows into the device. This means that other people may drive the vehicle, but you are responsible for what happens with the alcolock.

Does my driving licence show that I have an alcolock?

Yes. The driving licence has a special conditional code on the reverse: 107. Just as with other conditions, e.g. wearing glasses, the police and other authorities must be able to identify the requirements associated with the licence in connection with a control procedure. The conditional code will also be entered in the road traffic register.

Do I have to retake my driving test?

If you have a driving licence with a conditional alcolock, you do not have to retake your driving test at the end of the conditional period. This is on the condition that the alcolock condition is not revoked because of negligence during the conditional period.

If you do not have a driving licence with a conditional alcolock and instead have your driving licence revoked for more than one year, you must retake your driving test. If you have a driving licence with a trial period and have this revoked, you must retake your driving licence regardless.

May I claim the time during which my driving licence was revoked?

No. The conditional period is calculated from the date on which you are granted the decision and runs for one year or two years (according to the verdict) regardless of for how long your driving licence was previously revoked.