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About us

Dignita is a young company with many years in the tank. We are a Swedish technology and expertise company that develops products to promote road safety. Our staff have extensive experience of the automotive industry and road safety issues. Our employees include Stig Blomqvist, perhaps the most famous Swedish rally driver ever.
Many businesses are currently working on improving the safety of their transport. Customers want to know that a driver drives safely and responsibly, and not under the influence of alcohol. Our products are a form of quality assurance that make a company competitive and reliable. Our product range maintains high standards and features reliable fuel-cell technology which is used by both private and corporate customers at a groundbreaking low price. All products are quality-tested by the MHF test lab prior to launch. We don't think 100% safe driving should be unnecessarily expensive. This is why we place great emphasis on both designing the pricing and optimising the technology. Obviously, our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.
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It was great that you could invoice me. The present was truly appreciated
Ooh, delivery the day after I ordered!!! Didn't expect that.
Carin Rundgrin
Thanks for the quick response
Dear Joakim,
A great answer and response from you! I am completely satisfied with your answer! That's what I call service! The 644 members of our MC club will hear about this!
Kind regards,
Cruisarklubben CA
Thanks for good service and calibration
Anna Nilsson
When I sent my breathalyser off for calibration I was surprised at how quickly I got it back. Thanks again.
Solveig Eriksson
Thank you for your e-mail. I found your website and it was really easy to order from. Quick delivery.
Niklas Eriksson
First I want to thank you for the friendly treatment I received from your customer service before making a purchase. You helped me to find the perfect product for my needs. I received my breathalyser at the promised time. I was definitely surprised at how user-friendly and accurate it is.
Märta Göransson
Thanks, no hassles with the order, I will be recommending you and give your web address to my friends who are interested in a breathalyser.
Jan Löfgren
Thanks for your quick acknowledgement of my order. It is my pleasure to do business with your company, and I look forward to your excellent customer service in the future.
Nils Erik Persson